The History of Safety and Construction Supply, Inc. 

SCS began in business on April 15, 1986 (tax day) in Wheat Ridge, Colorado in a 2,700 square foot facility. We have since grown into a full line regional andnational distributor of personal, industrial, utility, work-zone traffic control, and fleet safety products with a main facility in Denver, Colorado of 24,800square feet with stocking locations in Utah and western Colorado.

As well as our widely known service, follow up, and competitive pricing of our quality products, SCS offers many value added services such as Just-in-Time delivery, a dedicated Stock on Hand Program, Procurement Pro, etc. These are detailed in the associated Value-Added tab. 

In this era of corporate ownership and control, Safety and Construction Supply Inc. remains Colorado owned and operated. We are certified as a small Business/disadvantaged business by the NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council-Rocky Mountain), as well as the state of Colorado, RTD, and many additional agencies and corporations.

The reason for the history, continuity, and performance of this company, as well as its dominant strength, remains the loyal, dedicated, and resourceful people who work here.

MBE/DBE Program and Involvement

Since its inception, Safety and Construction Supply Inc. has been actively involved with the progress and development of minority business. To that end we have served on boards, exhibited at minority business fairs (local and national), role-modeled, etc. Safety and Construction Supply Inc. is currently certified with the NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council-Rocky Mountain), the state of Colorado, RTD, and numerous additional agencies and corporations.

Going Green Program

SCS has partnered with Independent Power Systems (IPS) to "go green" by installing a rooftop solar/electric system at our location. This state of the art photovoltaic system will produce 66,000 kilowatt (kW) hours per year which will provide 100% of our company's electrical consumption., as well as putting electricity back into the electrical grid. This amounts to 1,980,000 kWh over 30 years. Each of these solar-generated kilowatt hours is equivalent to one pound of coal not burned.  

Thank You for doing business with SCS!

David R. Ortiz, CEO