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Must-Have Safety Items for Construction Workers

An employee that feels safe at work is much more productive than one who feels he or she is in harm’s way. This is nowhere more true than on a construction site where it’s critical that employees wear appropriate clothing and use the proper equipment for safety at all times. Construction sites are known as places where accidents from falling objects, slippery surfaces, and unclear navigational routes happen frequently. That’s why it’s important to make workers as safe and secure as possible. Some of the best ways to maintain safety for your construction site workers include all of the following:


  • High-Visibility Clothing such as Reflective Jackets
  • Protective Eyewear like Safety Goggles and Face Shields
  • Hearing Protection with Earmuffs or Ear Plugs
  • Hard Hats for Protection from Falling Objects
  • Harnesses for Workers on Scaffolds, Ladders, or Access Platforms
  • Dust Masks around Toxic Substances, Paint Spraying, Sandblasting, and Rock Crushing
  • Heavy Safety Footwear like Steel-Toed Shoes
  • Light Safety Footwear for Climbing Tasks
  • Waterproof Clothes for Inclement Weather
  • Protective Gloves for Work with Sharp Tools and Toxic Substances


Check out the construction safety supplies available online from SCS-Denver.com when you want to keep your workers and worksite safe. Our items include numerous options for eye-and-face protection, hand protection, head protection, hearing protection, and much more.