Barricades, Water Filled

Water filled barricades available

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    Features and Benefits
    • NCHRP-350 crash tested and accepted at TL3 (suitable for high speed work zones). Federal acceptance letter B34H.
    • The MB350 is the only portable plastic barrier on the market that can act both as as a TL3 barrier with the MB350 Kit installed and a TL3 Longituinal Channelizing Device without the kit. One product does it all!
    • The minimum Length Of Need (LON) for NCHRP Report 350 TL3 compliance must be 33 interconnected barriers
    • Our competitors knuckle hinge systems are faster to set up, but the knuckle hinge connection system allows unsafe high degrees of lateral deflection.
    • Clearly delineate work zones at night and in bad weather.
    • Barriers are not damaged by freezing conditions. If water freezes, plastic will expand.
    • Barriers are engineered to withstand winds in excess of 100 mph.
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