PSS® CrashGard Sand Barrel with Lid

PSS® CrashGard Sand Barrel with Lid
PSS® CrashGard Sand Barrel with Lid
CrashGard Sand Barrel Systems
  • CrashGard® Sand Barrel is a non-redirective, gating sand barrel, or crash cushion. The system is comprised of 2 components: barrel and lid. The one, universal barrel accommodates all weight requirements, when used with optional insert. CrashGard Sand Barrel System is Certified:
  • To ensure effective performance and compliance, we tested CrashGard Sand
  • Barrel System to NCHRP-350 Tests 3-40 through 3-44, at Test Level 3. CrashGard passed all
  • applicable tests and is certified to 62 MPH (100 kph).
  • FHWA has issued Acceptance Letters CC-97 and CC-97A for the CrashGard Sand Barrel System
  • CC-97: Approved for use as an NCHRP-350 Test Level 3 device.
  • CC-97-A: Approved for use in mixed arrays.
  • CrashGard Sand Barrel System is designed for use in posted speed limits from 25-70 MPH. (Contact us for other speeds.) See our CrashGard Product Guide for recommended design arrays by speed limit.
  • CrashGard Sand Barrel System is Durable:
  • CrashGard is blow-molded from high molecular, high density polyethylene plastic (HLMI/HDPE) that produces a stronger sand barrel.
  • UV stabilizers maximize product life. Color-stable pigments resist fading.
  • CrashGard withstands minor impacts during routine handling: filling or dumping sand, loading or unloading a truck, nesting for storage and transport
Brand: PSS®