Mini Three-Line Message Board with Hydraulic Lift

Mini Three-Line Message Board with Hydraulic Lift
Mini Three-Line Message Board with Hydraulic Lift
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The Wanco Mini Three-Line Message Board is a compact version of the full-size Three-Line Board. About 30% smaller, the Mini is highly maneuverable and easy to deploy. Capable of displaying three rows of alphanumeric characters, when you need to get information to the public, the Three-Line’s highly legible, ultra-bright LEDs display your message clearly.

Product Features
• Under 2000 pounds, can be towed by most vehicles
• Heavy-duty hand-winch allows one person to easily raise and lower the board
• Tower rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning
• Easiest programming in the industry
• Preprogrammed text messages, symbols and graphics
• Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
• Solar panels charge batteries automatically without intervention
• Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements

Product Specifications

   Item: Mini Message Board 
Tires:  ST205/75 D15br>
   Deployed Dimensions: 96"W x 103"H x 152"D
Solar Panels: One 85 W panel
   Travel Dimensions: 84"W x 91"H x 106"D  
Battery: Four 6Vdc deep-cycle Group 24 batteries
   Battery Capacity:  430 Ah total @ 12Vdc   
Battery Charger: 45 A
Brand: Wanco®

• Made in the USA
• NTCIP Compliant

Available Options
• Hand operated winch
• Choice of battery types
• Additional solar panel
• Combo-hitch for 2" ball and 2.5" pintle hook
• Extendible outrigger jack stands
• Secure battery box
• IP modem for monitoring & message control
• Radar-speed package for monitoring traffic
• Traffic Data Classifier System
• Remote-access GPS package for locating board