Procurement Pro
Shipping Paid

How The Program Works

You can Fax (303-371-8815) e-mail ( or call in your P.O. Monthly or Bi-Monthly totaling $800.00 or more and SCS will pay the shipping costs.
Any out of stock or special order items can be backordered or put on separate orders depending on your paperwork system.
Orders can be by department or job number if desired.
Exclusions: Free shipping does not apply to Hazardous Material or Common Carrier Shipments and applies within the Continental U.S. only.


SCS is a Colorado owned and operated company, and is certified as a Small Business/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by the Rocky Mountain Minority Development Council ( Division of National Minority Supplier Development Council-NMSDC) and by the State of Colorado ( Cert. #540)

Purchase Order Acceptance

The SCS Volume Purchasing Program has been designed for all government entities with the lowest possible prices combined with ease of ordering. Please see Purchase Order Acceptance for eligibility requirements. Please contact our friendly staff in order to join this remarkable program.The New Procurement Pro:Safety and Construction Supply Inc. has made available a remarkable new pricing program which will meet or beat existing alliance or contract purchasing programs for the following Government Entities.

• Federal, including Military
• State Agencies, including DOT's* Counties/Parishes*Municipalities
• Special Districts including Water and Sanitation
• Non Taxable Districts

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for specific Terms and Conditions, Freight, Delivery, etc.


Cost savings compared to all national supplier programs.* Lower prices, in most cases than either GSA (General Services Administration) or WSCA ( Western States Contracting Alliance) contract bid item prices.*MBE/SBE certification for meeting your participation objectives (if applicable).* Free shipping on any orders of $800.00 or more.*

*Excluded From Free Shipping:1)Within Continental U.S. Only.2)Any Product Classified as Hazardous Material.3)Any Common Carrier Shipments.